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    List of Eurovision songs used in the Polandball Wiki Song Contest

    The Polandball Wiki Song Contest is based on the Eurovision Song Contest, an international song competition. In the Eurovision Song Contest, countries perform original songs on a stage located in a city in the previous winner's country. This differs from the PWSC, where countries can perform any song, as long as it has not been used before. Some songs used come from Eurovision.

    This is a list of Eurovision songs that have been used in the Polandball Wiki Song Contest, in descending order from the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, which took place in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The songs are also in descending order from their use in the Polandball Wiki Song Contest. An asterisk (*) indicates a song used before an edition took place. A music video or national final performance is likely to be used in this case instead of their performance at the Grand Final.

    Note that songs that competed in a country's national final (such as You Will Never Break My Heart by Indria) but did not win, or songs that were initially supposed to compete before their representative country withdrew (such as Siren Song by Maruv) will not be on this list.

    Eurovision Song Contest 2019

    Artist Song Original Country PWSC Country Edition
    Tamara Todevska Proud Macedonia-icon.png North Macedonia Ukraine-icon.png Ukraine XVIII
    Kobi Marimi Home Israel-icon.png Israel Israel-icon.png Israel XVIII
    Michela Pace Chameleon Malta-icon.png Malta USA-icon.png United States XVIII
    Hatari Hatrið Mun Sigra Iceland-icon.png Iceland Vatican-icon.png Vatican City XVIII
    Duncan Laurence Arcade Netherlands-icon.png Netherlands Spain-icon.png Spain XVIII

    Eurovision Song Contest 2018

    Artist Song Original Country PWSC Country Edition
    Waylon Outlaw in Em' Netherlands-icon.png Netherlands Vatican-icon.png Vatican City XV
    Sennek A Matter of Time Belgium-icon.png Belgium Austria-icon.png Austria XIII
    Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro Non mi avete fatto niente Italy-icon.png Italy Tuvalu-icon.png Tuvalu XIII
    Gianna Terzi Oniro mou (Όνειρό μου) Greece-icon.png Greece Egypt-icon.png Egypt XII
    Eugent Bushpepa Mall Albania-icon.png Albania Albania-icon.png Albania XII
    Michael Schulte You Let Me Walk Alone Germany-icon.png Germany Austria-icon.png Austria XII
    Cesár Sampson Nobody but You Austria-icon.png Austria Cuba-icon.png Cuba XII
    DoReDos My Lucky Day Moldova-icon.png Moldova Armenia-icon.png Armenia XII
    Eleni Foureira Fuego Cyprus-icon.png Cyprus Estonia-icon.png Estonia XI
    Alexander Rybak That's How You Write a Song Norway-icon.png Norway Spain-icon.png Spain XI
    AWS Viszlát nyár Hungary-icon.png Hungary Mongolia-icon.png Mongolia XI
    Netta Toy Israel-icon.png Israel Croatia-icon.png Croatia XI
    Rasmussen Higher Ground Denmark-icon.png Denmark France-icon.png France XI
    Madame Monsieur Mercy France-icon.png France France-icon.png France X*
    Elina Nechayeva La forza Estonia-icon.png Estonia Estonia-icon.png Estonia IX*
    MELOVIN Under The Ladder Ukraine-icon.png Ukraine Bulgaria-icon.png Bulgaria IX*
    Mikolas Josef Lie To Me Czech-icon.png Czech Republic Belgium-icon.png Belgium IX*

    Eurovision Song Contest 2017

    Artist Song Original Country PWSC Country Edition
    Isaiah Firebrace Don't Come Easy Australia-icon.png Australia France-icon.png France XIII
    Salvador Sobral Amar Pelos Dois Portugal-icon.png Portugal Armenia-icon.png Armenia X
    SunStroke Project Hey, Mamma! Moldova-icon.png Moldova Hungary-icon.png Hungary IX
    Jacques Houdek My Friend Croatia-icon.png Croatia Italy-icon.png Italy VI
    Francesco Gabbani Occidentali's Italy-icon.png Italy France-icon.png France V
    Kristian Kostov Beautiful Mess Bulgaria-icon.png Bulgaria Bulgaria-icon.png Bulgaria V
    Blanche City Lights Belgium-icon.png Belgium Luxembourg-icon.png Luxembourg III
    Alma Requiem France-icon.png France France-icon.png France II
    JOWST Grab The Moment Norway-icon.png Norway Norway-icon.png Norway I

    Eurovision Song Contest 2016

    Artist Song Original Country PWSC Country Edition
    Jamala 1944 Ukraine-icon.png Ukraine Nepal-icon.png Nepal XVIII
    Freddie Pioneer Hungary-icon.png Hungary South Korea-icon.png South Korea XVII
    Amir J'ai cherché France-icon.png France France-icon.png France XII
    Barei Say Yay! Spain-icon.png Spain Spain-icon.png Spain X
    Greta Salomé Hear Them Calling Iceland-icon.png Iceland Ukraine-icon.png Ukraine IX
    Sergey Lazarev You Are The Only One Russia-icon.png Russia France-icon.png France III

    Eurovision Song Contest 2015

    Artist Song Original Country PWSC Country Edition
    Il Volo Grande amore Italy-icon.png Italy Greece-icon.png Greece XI
    Måns Zelmerlöw Heroes Sweden-icon.png Sweden Czech-icon.png Czech Republic IX
    Nina Sublatti Warrior Georgia-icon.png Georgia Belgium-icon.png Belgium VIII

    Eurovision Song Contest 2014

    Artist Song Original Country PWSC Country Edition
    The Common Linnets Calm After The Storm Netherlands-icon.png Netherlands New Zealand-icon.png New Zealand XII
    Mariya Yaremchuk Tick-Tock Ukraine-icon.png Ukraine Egypt-icon.png Egypt XI
    Sanna Nielsen Undo Sweden-icon.png Sweden Egypt-icon.png Egypt IX
    András Kállay-Saunders Running Hungary-icon.png Hungary Iceland-icon.png Iceland IV

    Eurovision Song Contest 2013

    Artist Song Original Country PWSC Country Edition
    Koza Mostra ft. Agathon Iakovidis Alcohol Is Free Greece-icon.png Greece Tuvalu-icon.png Tuvalu XV
    Cezar It's My Life Romania-icon.png Romania South Africa-icon.png South Africa VII
    Emelie de Forest Only Teardrops Denmark-icon.png Denmark Germany-icon.png Germany I

    Eurovision Song Contest 2012

    Artist Song Original Country PWSC Country Edition
    Greta Salomé & Jónsi Never Forget Iceland-icon.png Iceland Iceland-icon.png Iceland II

    Eurovision Song Contest 2011

    Artist Song Original Country PWSC Country Edition
    Zdob și Zdub So Lucky Moldova-icon.png Moldova Tuvalu-icon.png Tuvalu XII
    Eric Saade Popular Sweden-icon.png Sweden Sweden-icon.png Sweden, Austria-icon.png Austria II, XIV

    Eurovision Song Contest 2010

    Artist Song Original Country PWSC Country Edition
    SunStroke Project & Olia Tira Run Away Moldova-icon.png Moldova Greece-icon.png Greece X

    Eurovision Song Contest 2009

    Artist Song Original Country PWSC Country Edition
    Alexander Rybak Fairytale Norway-icon.png Norway Greece-icon.png Greece IX

    Eurovision Song Contest 2007

    Artist Song Original Country PWSC Country Edition
    Verka Serduchka Dancing Lasha Tumbai Ukraine-icon.png Ukraine Lucia-icon.png Saint Lucia VIII

    Eurovision Song Contest 2006

    Artist Song Original Country PWSC Country Edition
    LT United We Are the Winners Lithuania-icon.png Lithuania Vatican-icon.png Vatican City IX

    Eurovision Song Contest 2005

    Artist Song Original Country PWSC Country Edition
    Helena Paparizou My Number One Greece-icon.png Greece Germany-icon.png Germany V

    Eurovision Song Contest 2001

    Artist Song Original Country PWSC Country Edition
    Antique (I Would) Die for You Greece-icon.png Greece Tuvalu-icon.png Tuvalu XIV
    Tanel Padar, Dave Benton & 2XL Everybody Estonia-icon.png Estonia Estonia-icon.png Estonia V

    Eurovision Song Contest 1979

    Artist Song Original Country PWSC Country Edition
    Dschinghis Khan Dschinghis Khan Germany-icon.png Germany Mongolia-icon.png Mongolia I
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