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    Polandball Wiki Song Contest Wiki

    Polandball Wiki Song Contest

    Polandball Wiki Song Contest
    PWSC Logo.png
    Also known as PWSC
    Genre Song Contest
    Created by Procimus-icon.png Procimus
    Director(s) ChocoMingo-icon.png ChocoMingo

    Collisions-icon.png Collisions
    Mca004-icon.png Mca004
    JAR2004-icon.png JAR2004
    Nemolee.exe-icon.png Nemolee.exe
    England-icon.png EffieRawr
    Sweden-icon.png King of Dukeland

    Production company(s) Polandball Broadcasting Union
    Related shows PWSC Grand Prix
    Original network Fandom (2017-2021)
    Discord (2017-present)
    Miraheze (TBD)
    Original release 3 July 2017 - present
    External links
    Vimeo Channel Polandball Wiki

    The Polandball Wiki Song Contest, often shortened to PWSC, is a monthly song contest based on the Eurovision Song Contest, but with official nations from around the world and not just Europe. Each participating nation submits a song then casts votes for the other nations' songs to determine the most popular song in the competition.

    The first Polandball Wiki Song Contest was held in Greece-icon.png Greece on July 2017. It was directed by Procimus, the creator of the contest, along with Canaries, SirBenelux, Mosh, Bozita, and FIFAadmin. The first winner of the Polandball Wiki Song Contest was Colombia-icon.png Colombia, but the country opted out of hosting, so Iceland-icon.png Iceland filled in to host the next contest.

    Poland-icon.png Poland holds the record for the highest number of wins, having won the contest three times. The highest scoring winner was Nepal-icon.png Nepal who won the eighth edition in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei, with 193 points.


    The PWSC Trophy has essentially kept the same style it always has since the beginning of the contest, with the exception of the 2nd contest in August 2017.

    Participation Rules

    • No fictional nations (e.g. United Great Lakes, Kekistan, etc.)
    • No historical countries (in other words, those that no longer exist) (ex. Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Byzantine Empire, etc.)
    • No fictional songs or artists. This means that if a song doesn't exist, you can't use it.
    • Only UN member states, partly recognized states (e.g. Kosovo-icon.png Kosovo), and observer states are allowed with a few exceptions
    • Don't choose a song that's already been taken. See this list of used songs.
    • For song conflicts, it's first come, first serve.
      • If you want to change songs, let the staff know first so we can check if you song can be confirmed, but you can only change your song once.
    • Using someone else's country is not allowed if they're not disqualified, have not withdrawn, or have participated in 1 contest from the last time they participated.
      • Confirming as part of a country (that means no states) that's already taken isn't allowed (e.g. Scotland, Catalonia, Texas, etc.)
    • Songs from Viacom (e.g. SpongeBob) are prohibited, due to copyright risks.
    • No two countries can use the same artist or band in the same contest.
    • No meme songs, earrapes, parodies of other songs or songs with NSFW content.
      • Exceptions to this rule are songs that became a meme on it's own (e.g., Never Gonna Give You Up, All Star))
    • No songs that promote fascism, terrorism, racism, or discrimination against other ethnicities.
    • You cannot confirm in the PWSC if you're banned (including altmakers, of course)
      • If you are participating in a PWSC and get banned, whether or not you will get disqualified from the current and next contest will depend on the severity of the ban.
      • An exception will be made if a user is banned during the PWSC, but gets unbanned during the same duration.
      • Globally banned users will be looked at by the staff on whether they're able to participate on a case-by-case basis.
    • While confirmations can end at their scheduled date, the confirmation period can end early if the participant count reaches around 35-45 participants.



    Voting has a big role in the PWSC. With voting, nations can decide who will win the PWSC and will host the next edition of Mappervision. Voting is really simple and it should not take a lot of time (albeit if there is a recap). Every nation that is taking part of the current edition of the PWSC needs to vote. If you don't vote, you will get disqualified for one edition.

    There are some rules that you should know when you vote:

    You cannot...

    vote for your own nation vote one nation multiple times skip any votes vote with 9 and/or 11 points vote a non-participating nation
    VotingWrong1.png VotingWrong2.png VotingWrong3.png VotingWrong4.png VotingWrong5.png

    Other voting rules include...

    • If you didn't apply or apply in time, you can't vote.
    • Negative numbers will not be counted
    • Copy-pasted votes are banned (the staff can tell what they look like)


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    Red pog.png
    Red pog.png
    Red pog.png
    Red pog.png
    Red pog.png
    Red pog.png
    Red pog.png
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    Edition Logo Nation Host City Host User Winner Artist Song
    Polandball wiki song contest july 2017.png
    Greece-icon.png Greece Athens Greece-icon.png Procimus Colombia-icon.png Colombia Shakira Waka Waka
    Iceland-icon.png Iceland Reykjavík Taiwan-icon.png Collisions UK-icon.png United Kingdom The Script ft. will.i.am Hall of Fame
    PWSC III Logo.png
    UK-icon.png United Kingdom London UK-icon.png TudorMapping Bosnia-icon.png Bosnia and Herzegovina Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars Uptown Funk
    PWSC IV Logo.png
    Bosnia-icon.png Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo Bosnia-icon.png Mr. Bozita Mexico-icon.png Mexico Coldplay Viva La Vida
    PWSC 5 Logo.png
    Mexico-icon.png Mexico Guadalajara Mexico-icon.png Flaming Spaghetti Monster
    Spanish-icon.pngUSA-icon.png ChocoMingo (Fill-in)
    Austria-icon.png Austria Imagine Dragons Believer
    PWSC 6 Logo.png
    Austria-icon.png Austria Salzburg Israel-icon.pngUSA-icon.png Heater123 Poland-icon.png Poland Rick Astley Never Gonna Give You Up
    PWSC 7 Logo.png
    Poland-icon.png Poland Warsaw USA-icon.png Probably Poland Brunei-icon.png Brunei OneRepublic Counting Stars
    PWSC VIII Logo.png
    Brunei-icon.png Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan Philippines-icon.png CanadianUSACool Nepal-icon.png Nepal Twenty One Pilots Stressed Out
    PWSC 9 Logo.png
    Nepal-icon.png Nepal Kathmandu Cambodia-icon.pngUSA-icon.png Slimeogamez Iceland-icon.png Iceland Sia ft. Sean Paul Cheap Thrills
    Pwscx black.png
    Iceland-icon.png Iceland Reykjavík Taiwan-icon.png Collisions UK-icon.png United Kingdom Bon Jovi Livin' On A Prayer
    PWSC XI Logo.png
    UK-icon.png United Kingdom London Basque-icon.pngUSA-icon.png Floofy2 Armenia-icon.png Armenia Coldplay Adventure Of A Lifetime
    PWSC XII Logo.png
    Armenia-icon.png Armenia Yerevan Armenia-icon.png VardanC South Korea-icon.png South Korea Taylor Swift Shake It Off
    PWSC XIII Logo.png
    South Korea-icon.png South Korea Seoul Czech-icon.pngUSA-icon.png Crouch2 Ukraine-icon.png Ukraine David Guetta ft. Sia Flames
    PWSC XIV Logo.png
    Ukraine-icon.png Ukraine Kyiv Romania-icon.png Mca004 USA-icon.png United States Twenty One Pilots Ride
    PWSC XV Logo.png
    USA-icon.png United States Columbus Spanish-icon.pngUSA-icon.png ChocoMingo Poland-icon.png Poland Stromae Papaoutai
    PWSC XVI Logo.png
    Poland-icon.png Poland Gdańsk Germany-icon.png Sihllable Poland-icon.png Poland Queen Bohemian Rhapsody
    PWSC XVII Logo.png
    Poland-icon.png Poland Lublin Germany-icon.png Sihllable Switzerland-icon.png Switzerland Rascal Flatts Life is a Highway
    PWSC XVIII Logo.png
    Switzerland-icon.png Switzerland Zurich 404-icon.png Wings178 Germany-icon.png Germany Guns N' Roses Welcome To The Jungle
    PWSC XIX Logo.png
    Sweden-icon.png Sweden Stockholm TBD TBD TBD TBD


    Year Debut of country
    PWSC I Armenia-icon.png ArmeniaAustralia-icon.png AustraliaAzerbaijan-icon.png AzerbaijanBosnia-icon.png Bosnia and HerzegovinaBrazil-icon.png BrazilCanada-icon.png CanadaChina-icon.png ChinaColombia-icon.png ColombiaCroatia-icon.png CroatiaDenmark-icon.png DenmarkEstonia-icon.png EstoniaFrance-icon.png FranceGermany-icon.png GermanyGreece-icon.png GreeceIndia-icon.png IndiaItaly-icon.png ItalyJapan-icon.png JapanLuxembourg-icon.png LuxembourgMexico-icon.png MexicoMoldova-icon.png MoldovaMongolia-icon.png MongoliaNew Zealand-icon.png New ZealandNorway-icon.png NorwayPhilippines-icon.png PhilippinesPoland-icon.png PolandRomania-icon.png RomaniaRussia-icon.png RussiaSealand-icon.png SealandSerbia-icon.png SerbiaSouth Korea-icon.png South KoreaSpain-icon.png SpainSweden-icon.png SwedenTurkey-icon.png TurkeyUSA-icon.png United States
    PWSC II Cape Verde-icon.png Cape VerdeIndonesia-icon.png IndonesiaMontenegro-icon.png MontenegroNetherlands-icon.png NetherlandsSingapore-icon.png SingaporeSouth Africa-icon.png South AfricaUK-icon.png United Kingdom
    PWSC III Czech-icon.png CzechiaFinland-icon.png FinlandHaiti-icon.png HaitiMalta-icon.png MaltaMorocco-icon.png MoroccoPortugal-icon.png PortugalTogo-icon.png Togo
    PWSC IV Belgium-icon.png BelgiumBelarus-icon.png BelarusEthiopia-icon.png EthiopiaNorth Korea-icon.png North KoreaYemen-icon.png Yemen
    PWSC V Argentina-icon.png ArgentinaAustria-icon.png AustriaBrunei-icon.png BruneiBulgaria-icon.png BulgariaDR Congo-icon.png DR CongoHungary-icon.png HungaryKazakh-icon.png KazakhstanMalaysia-icon.png MalaysiaNepal-icon.png NepalParaguay-icon.png ParaguayLucia-icon.png Saint LuciaSlovakia-icon.png SlovakiaSwitzerland-icon.png SwitzerlandTaiwan-icon.png TaiwanVatican-icon.png Vatican City
    PWSC VI Cuba-icon.png CubaFiji-icon.png FijiGrenada-icon.png GrenadaIreland-icon.png IrelandIsrael-icon.png IsraelLithuania-icon.png LithuaniaMonaco-icon.png MonacoPanama-icon.png PanamaQatar-icon.png Qatar
    PWSC VII Cambodia-icon.png CambodiaEast Timor-icon.png East TimorEgypt-icon.png EgyptKyrgyz-icon.png KyrgyzstanLatvia-icon.png LatviaLebanon-icon.png Lebanon Macau-icon.png Macau
    PWSC VIII Chile-icon.png ChileGeorgia-icon.png GeorgiaLiechtenstein-icon.png LiechtensteinPalau-icon.png PalauPeru-icon.png PeruSyria-icon.png SyriaThailand-icon.png ThailandUzbek-icon.png UzbekistanVenezuela-icon.png VenezuelaVietnam-icon.png Vietnam
    PWSC IX Chad-icon.png ChadCyprus-icon.png CyrpusESwatini-icon.png EswatiniHong Kong-icon.png Hong KongIran-icon.png IranKiribati-icon.png KiribatiMacedonia-icon.png North MacedoniaOman-icon.png OmanSan Marino-icon.png San MarinoTajik-icon.png TajikistanUkraine-icon.png Ukraine
    PWSC X Ecuador-icon.png EcuadorJamaica-icon.png JamaicaMaldives-icon.png MaldivesPakistan-icon.png PakistanPapua New Guinea-icon.png Papua New GuineaVanuatu-icon.png Vanuatu
    PWSC XI Albania-icon.png AlbaniaNicaragua-icon.png NicaraguaSouth Sudan-icon.png South SudanTurkmen-icon.png TurkmenistanZambia-icon.png Zambia
    PWSC XII Antigua-icon.png Antigua and BarbudaBahamas-icon.png BahamasBangladesh-icon.png BangladeshCosta Rica-icon.png Costa RicaIraq-icon.png IraqLesotho-icon.png LesothoMicronesia-icon.png MicronesiaMyanmar-icon.png MyanmarTuvalu-icon.png TuvaluZimbabwe-icon.png Zimbabwe
    PWSC XIII Afghan-icon.png AfghanistanAndorra-icon.png AndorraBarbados-icon.png BarbadosBhutan-icon.png BhutanKenya-icon.png KenyaKuwait-icon.png KuwaitNigeria-icon.png NigeriaNiger-icon.png NigerSlovenia-icon.png Slovenia
    PWSC XIV Algeria-icon.png AlgeriaNauru-icon.png NauruRwanda-icon.png RwandaSaudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi ArabiaSomalia-icon.png Somalia
    PWSC XV Angola-icon.png AngolaMarshall Islands-icon.png Marshall IslandsNiue-icon.png NiueUAE-icon.png United Arab Emirates
    PWSC XVI Cook Islands-icon.png Cook IslandsGreenland-icon.png GreenlandMalawi-icon.png MalawiMozambique-icon.png MozambiquePuerto Rico-icon.png Puerto RicoUruguay-icon.png Uruguay
    PWSC XVII Bolivia-icon.png BoliviaGambia-icon.png The GambiaGibraltar-icon.png Gibraltar

    PWSC Grand Prix

    Usually held annually (formerly bi-annually), the PWSC Grand Prix is a side competition where the top 3 non-winning songs competes to be the best non-winning song of the year. Restrictions are loosened on who can vote and the winner gets to have the "Sibirienkugel Cup", named after the founder of the Polandball Wiki, Siberiaball.

    The PWSC Grand Prix has been hosted in Germany, France, and will be hosting in Iran soon.

    PWSC Staff

    Current Staff

    Name Country Position
    ChocoMingo-icon.png ChocoMingo USA-icon.png US Polandball Wiki Admin

    Owner (December 2017-present)
    Moderator (September 2017-December 2017)

    Collisions-icon.png Collisions Taiwan-icon.png TW Polandball Wiki Admin

    Moderator (August 2017-present)

    Nemolee.exe-icon.png Nemolee.exe USA-icon.png US Councilor (January 2018-November 2018; April 2019-present)

    Moderator (November 2018-April 2019)

    JAR2004-icon.png JAR2004 Spain-icon.png ES Councilor (April 2019-present)

    Moderator (July 2018-April 2019)

    Mca004-icon.png Mca004 Romania-icon.png RO Councilor (April 2019-present)

    Moderator (July 2018-April 2019)

    England-icon.png EffieRawr UK-icon.png GB Moderator (April 2019-present)
    Sweden-icon.png King of Dukeland USA-icon.png US Moderator (April 2019-present)

    Former Staff

    Name Country Posititon
    Procimus-icon.png Procimus Greece-icon.png GR Founder of the PWSC

    Co-owner (December 2017-September 2018) (resigned)
    Owner (July 2017-December 2017)

    Canaries-icon.png CanariesDoesMapping Spain-icon.png ES Co-founder of the PWSC

    Moderator (July 2017-November 2017) (went inactive)

    Amsterdam-icon.png FIFAadmin Netherlands-icon.png NL Co-founder of the PWSC

    Moderator (July 2017-November 2017) (went inactive)

    Mosh-icon.png Formally Mosh Philippines-icon.png PH Co-founder of the PWSC

    Moderator (July 2017-December 2017) (resigned & left the wiki)

    Mr. Bozita-icon.png Mr. Bozita Bosnia-icon.png BA Co-founder of the PWSC

    Moderator (July 2017-December 2017) (resigned)

    SirBenelux-icon.png SirBenelux Luxembourg-icon.png LU Co-founder of the PWSC

    Moderator (July 2017-July 2018) (demoted by vote)

    Tenaciosu-san-icon.png Tenaciosu-san Netherlands-icon.png NL Councilor (February 2018-April 2018; July 2018-December 2018) (resigned)

    Moderator (September 2017-February 2018; April 2018-July 2018)

    TudorMapping-icon.png TudorMapping UK-icon.png GB Moderator (September 2017-March 2018) (went inactive)
    Minnesotan-icon.png Minnesotan Mapping France-icon.png FR Moderator (December 2017-April 2019) (demoted by vote)
    Heater123-icon.png Heater123 USA-icon.png US Councilor (January 2018-February 2018) (resigned)
    Philamerica-icon.png PinoyOrwell Philippines-icon.png PH Councilor (January 2018-July 2018) (demoted by vote)
    Probably Poland-icon.png Probably Poland USA-icon.png US Councilor (July 2018-September 2018) (resigned)

    Moderator (March 2018-July 2018)

    XO Mapping-icon.png New Batavia Netherlands-icon.png NL Moderator (May 2018-July 2018) (resigned)

    Councilor (March 2018-May 2018)

    Crouch-icon.gif DynaBall!/Legrume USA-icon.png US Moderator (July 2018-October 2018; April 2019-August 2021) (banned from wiki)

    Councilor (May 2018-July 2018)
    Game Manager (March 2018-May 2018)

    VardanC-icon.png VardanC Armenia-icon.png AM Moderator (July 2018-August 2021) (went inactive)
    404-icon.png Nothing to watch Estonia-icon.png EE Councilor (September 2018-April 2019) (demoted by vote)
    Canada-icon.png CanadianDawnEXO Canada-icon.png CA Councilor (November 2018-April 2019) (demoted by vote)

    See also

    PWSC Logo.png
    Statistics of the PWSCList of Used Songs in Polandball Wiki Song ContestEurovision Songs in the PWSC


    Current Directors
    ChocoMingo-icon.png ChocoMingo (Owner)Collisions-icon.png CollisionsEngland-icon.png EffieRawrSweden-icon.png King of Dukeland

    Current Assistant Directors
    Nemolee.exe-icon.png Nemolee.exeJAR2004-icon.png JAR2004Mca004-icon.png Mca004

    Former Directors
    Procimus-icon.png Procimus (Founder)Canaries-icon.png CanariesDoesMappingAmsterdam-icon.png FIFAadminMosh-icon.png Formally MoshMr. Bozita-icon.png Mr. BozitaSirBenelux-icon.png SirBeneluxTenaciosu-san-icon.png Tenaciosu-sanTudorMapping-icon.png TudorMappingMinnesotan-icon.png Minnesotan MappingHeater123-icon.png Heater123Philamerica-icon.png PinoyOrwellProbably Poland-icon.png Probably PolandXO Mapping-icon.png New BataviaCrouch-icon.gif LegrumeVardanC-icon.png Vardan404-icon.png Nothing to watchCanada-icon.png CanadianDawnEXO

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