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    Polandball Wiki Song Contest Wiki

    Polandball Wiki Song Contest IV

    Polandball Wiki Song Contest
    October 2017
    PWSC IV Logo.png
    Confirming date October 4th, 2017
    Voting starting date October 26th, 2017
    Voting ending date November 3rd, 2017
    Results date November 5th, 2017
    Venue Zetra Olympic Hall, Sarajevo, Bosnia-icon.png Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Presenter(s) Mr. Bozita-icon.png Mr. Bozita
    Executive supervisor Procimus-icon.png Procimus
    Executive producer(s) Canaries-icon.png CanariesDoesMapping
    Collisions-icon.png Collisions
    Amsterdam-icon.png FIFAadmin
    Mr. Bozita-icon.png Mr. Bozita
    ChocoMingo-icon.png NESTLEH
    Tenaciosu-san-icon.png TenaciousMapping
    TudorMapping-icon.png TudorMapping
    Host broadcaster BHRT Bosnia.png BHRT, Bosnia-icon.png Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Number of entries 26
    Debuting countries TBA
    Returning countries TBA
    Withdrawing countries TBA
    Voting system Each nation awards 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favourite songs
    Nul points TBA
    Winning song Mexico-icon.png Mexico
    Viva La Vida by Coldplay
    Polandball Wiki Song Contest
    ◄ III PWSC Icon.png V ►

    The Polandball Wiki Song Contest IV (PWSC IV) was the fourth edition of the Polandball Wiki Song Contest. It is based on Eurovision but with countries from around the world based on the Polandball Wiki. It took place in Sarajevo, Bosnia-icon.png Bosnia and Herzegovina, following the country's victory at the September 2017 edition in the United Kingdom with "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars. This is the first time Bosnia hosted the Polandball Wiki Song Contest.

    Mexico-icon.png Mexico won the contest with the song "Viva La Vida" by Colplay. This was Mexico's first victory in the PWSC. Norway-icon.png Norway, Estonia-icon.png Estonia, South Korea-icon.png South Korea, and Belarus-icon.png Belarus rounded out the top five.


    Table key

         Second place
         Third place
         Last place
    Nation User Artist Song Language Place Points
    Bosnia-icon.png Bosnia and Herzegovina Mr. Bozita Safet Isović Zmaj od Bosne Bosnian 8 46
    South Korea-icon.png South Korea MXSaniel Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa Payphone English 4 69
    Norway-icon.png Norway LukaGaming Alan Walker The Spectre English 2 72
    Japan-icon.png Japan Fireblade19 TrySail High Free Spirits Japanese DQ 50
    Denmark-icon.png Denmark Unknown Globus Take Me Away English DQ 11
    Czech-icon.png Czech Republic DynaBall! OK Go The One Moment English DQ 31
    North Korea-icon.png North Korea PiscesRK Momoland Tropicana Sparkling-Juju (년 트로피카나 스파클링 - 주이) Korean DQ 47
    Serbia-icon.png Serbia LollipopWut Ed Sheeran Perfect English 6 54
    Iceland-icon.png Iceland Collisions András Kállay-Saunders Running English 13 32
    Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopia TRSM Globus Prelia Latin 11 38
    Estonia-icon.png Estonia Nothing to watch Davay Tri Poloski (Три Полоски) Russian 3 70
    France-icon.png France Nemolee.exe Lartiste ft. Awa Imani Chocolat French 12 34
    Finland-icon.png Finland Finnsball Imagine Dragons I'm So Sorry English 18 24
    Mexico-icon.png Mexico Flaming Spaghetti Monster Coldplay Viva La Vida English 1 74
    China-icon.png China Spazerz Haddaway What Is Love English 6 54
    Belgium-icon.png Belgium Minnesotan Mapping Jacques Brel Ne me quitte pas French 16 28
    Yemen-icon.png Yemen AkkoKun Robbie Rotten (Stefan Karl) We Are Number One English 9 42
    UK-icon.png United Kingdom TudorMapping Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars Safe & Sound English 15 29
    USA-icon.png United States NESTLEH Kesha Praying English 13 32
    Philippines-icon.png Philippines MoshAbsolute P!nk ft. Nate Ruess Just Give Me A Reason English 10 39
    Belarus-icon.png Belarus TenaciousMapping Katy Perry Firework English 5 66
    India-icon.png India Mashka.rose A.R. Rahman & The Pussycat Dolls ft. Nicole Scherzinger Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny) English DQ 26
    Colombia-icon.png Colombia EmoPZ THCF Igraj i pobedi (Играј и победи) Serbian 17 26
    Armenia-icon.png Armenia Hayastanball Iveta Mukuchyan & Serjo Hars (Հարս) Armenian DQ 17
    Croatia-icon.png Croatia PolandballComic Brkovi Tolerancija Croatian DQ 13
    Luxembourg-icon.png Luxembourg SirBenelux Kane Brown ft. Lauren Alania What Ifs English DQ 20


    PWSC IV Scoreboard on ScoreWiz


    PWSC Logo.png
    Statistics of the PWSCList of Used Songs in Polandball Wiki Song ContestEurovision Songs in the PWSC


    Current Directors
    ChocoMingo-icon.png ChocoMingo (Owner)Collisions-icon.png CollisionsEngland-icon.png EffieRawrSweden-icon.png King of Dukeland

    Current Assistant Directors
    Nemolee.exe-icon.png Nemolee.exeJAR2004-icon.png JAR2004Mca004-icon.png Mca004

    Former Directors
    Procimus-icon.png Procimus (Founder)Canaries-icon.png CanariesDoesMappingAmsterdam-icon.png FIFAadminMosh-icon.png Formally MoshMr. Bozita-icon.png Mr. BozitaSirBenelux-icon.png SirBeneluxTenaciosu-san-icon.png Tenaciosu-sanTudorMapping-icon.png TudorMappingMinnesotan-icon.png Minnesotan MappingHeater123-icon.png Heater123Philamerica-icon.png PinoyOrwellProbably Poland-icon.png Probably PolandXO Mapping-icon.png New BataviaCrouch-icon.gif LegrumeVardanC-icon.png Vardan404-icon.png Nothing to watchCanada-icon.png CanadianDawnEXO

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