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    Polandball Wiki Song Contest Wiki

    Polandball Wiki Song Contest XIX

    Polandball Wiki Song Contest
    Summer 2021
    Move with the Music
    PWSC XIX Slogan Logo.png
    PWSC XIX Logo.png
    Confirming date TBD
    Voting starting date TBD
    Voting ending date TBD
    Results date TBD
    Venue Avicii Arena, Stockholm, Sweden-icon.png Sweden
    Presenter(s) TBD
    Executive supervisor ChocoMingo-icon.png ChocoMingo
    Executive producer(s) Collisions-icon.png Collisions
    Host broadcaster SVT Sweden.png SVT, Sweden-icon.png Sweden
    Number of entries TBD
    Debuting countries TBD
    Withdrawing countries TBD
    Voting system Each nation awards 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favourite songs
    Nul points None
    Winning song Germany-icon.png Germany
    Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N' Roses
    Polandball Wiki Song Contest
    ◄ XVIII PWSC Icon.png XX ►

    The Polandball Wiki Song Contest XIX (PWSC XIX) is the upcoming nineteenth edition of the Polandball Wiki Song Contest. It is based on Eurovision but with countries from around the world based on the Polandball Wiki. It is also the first edition after a long hiatus from June 2019.

    It will take place in Stockholm, Sweden-icon.png Sweden, after SVT was awarded the hosting rights. Germany-icon.png Germany had won the June 2019 edition in Switzerland-icon.png Switzerland with the song "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns N' Roses and was slated to host the contest, but after their head of delegation, Sihllable, was permanently banned from the Polandball Wiki shortly after that contest ended, they were revoked from hosting the contest. The hosting rights was given to Sweden as they were the runner-up in the last contest.

    Following the forced migration of the Polandball Wiki from Fandom to Miraheze, the contest is planned to be exclusive to the wiki's Discord server.


    Table key

         Second place
         Third place
         Last place




    Fandom's wiki closure impact on the contest

    Before the contest began, Fandom announced that they will be closing the Polandball Wiki due to "terms of service" violations according to the platform. The moderators decided following the announcement to move the wiki to Miraheze. The Polandball Wiki in Fandom closed on September 1st, 2021. Due to this major event, the migration caused the Polandball Wiki Song Contest to become exclusive to the Polandball Wiki's Discord server.

    The contest's executive supervisor, ChocoMingo-icon.png ChocoMingo, said that the decision will only apply for the 19th contest and that he plans to also have the contest on the Miraheze platform in the next edition. In addition, the contest will have a maximum cap of 26 participants, but plans to allow more in the next edition along with other changes like a semi-final & allowing the wiki community to vote similar to Eurovision's televote.


    PWSC Logo.png
    Statistics of the PWSCList of Used Songs in Polandball Wiki Song ContestEurovision Songs in the PWSC


    Current Directors
    ChocoMingo-icon.png ChocoMingo (Owner)Collisions-icon.png CollisionsEngland-icon.png EffieRawrSweden-icon.png King of Dukeland

    Current Assistant Directors
    Nemolee.exe-icon.png Nemolee.exeJAR2004-icon.png JAR2004Mca004-icon.png Mca004

    Former Directors
    Procimus-icon.png Procimus (Founder)Canaries-icon.png CanariesDoesMappingAmsterdam-icon.png FIFAadminMosh-icon.png Formally MoshMr. Bozita-icon.png Mr. BozitaSirBenelux-icon.png SirBeneluxTenaciosu-san-icon.png Tenaciosu-sanTudorMapping-icon.png TudorMappingMinnesotan-icon.png Minnesotan MappingHeater123-icon.png Heater123Philamerica-icon.png PinoyOrwellProbably Poland-icon.png Probably PolandXO Mapping-icon.png New BataviaCrouch-icon.gif LegrumeVardanC-icon.png Vardan404-icon.png Nothing to watchCanada-icon.png CanadianDawnEXO

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